Ideas n' Designs  is an unusual owner occupied and  operated service oriented business.  The items are hand picked to fit into the many displays throughout the store, giving the customer ideas of how to incorporate their finds into their collecting motif.    Upon entering you are given a 'Welcome" by owner Linda Anderson, alias the Mad Hatter.  The one minute visual and mental commercial given by the Mad Hatter will orient you to "your store".          Welcome:  Through the doors on this side of the store you will find , car parts-toys-clocks- basement  and  a three car garage with old cars.  Under the staircase: Through the Looking Fashions, vintage and new and used clothing.   Through the doors on the other side of the room is a Victorian Library and an outside English Garden.  Infront of that is The Mad Hatter Tea Room, where we have coffee tea and desserts every day we are open, where you pick out a hat and you HAVE a good time!  Off to the side we have two booths with silk lined drapes, chandleiars, cushions and a third booth in the front window.  On the far side of the store we have wholesale designer fabrics  {a true find!!}  The Mad Hatter, alias Interior Designer, is able to bring many quality high price fabrics to her customers for unbelievable discounts.  The silks, tapestries, sheers, lace, prints and more sell between 7.00 and 14.00 dollars a yard!